Powder Skiing and Japan - Experience it Together


Japan and winter sports have been linked to each other since the 1930s when the first skis were introduced to the country. In the years since, thanks in part to its natural topography, the consistently amazing and copious amount of snow and the infrastructure growth that has kept pace with demand, Japan has become a top ski and snowboard destination for winter sport enthusiasts from around the globe.

From full service luxury destinations to remote resorts on paths less travelled, Japan is host to a diverse range of experiences allowing the perfect pairing of powder skiing and cultural immersion.

With over 25 years of on-the-ground expertise, let Snow Country Travel curate the perfect bespoke winter vacation, just for you.



Skiing in Japan is much more than just powder. Based on our years of experience and knowledge, we will recommend a resort or a few resorts that match your ski vacation desires and aspirations. From the luxurious full service resorts to lesser known resorts off the beaten path, we will curate a ski vacation fit for you and your family.

bespoke Luxury

For our most discerning clients, we will arrange a winter vacation that matches or exceeds the most luxurious you may have enjoyed in Europe or the US. Private transportation, off-market luxury villas, in-house rental fittings, private star chefs, mountain hosts or guides, personal concierge, are just some of the services and conveniences that we can provide to enhance your stay.

Ski Safari

According to Oxford Living Dictionaries, a powder hound is a person who enjoys skiing on powder snow. However, that definition does not quite capture the hunger and drive that powder hounds have to catch that first track, hug the fall line through trees or drop into that marshmallow bowl. For those guests, we can organize a resort hopping ski safari, personalized to your schedule and budget, exploring the best skiing that Japan has to offer.